Plans & pricing (Q2 2019)

Here is how our current content retainer plans break down. We can also do consulting and custom projects.

Month one onboarding

✅ A content strategy roadmap for the next quarter’s worth of content.

Style guide creation to improve the consistency and accuracy of each content piece.

Editorial calendar with topics, keywords, and angles for the entire quarter.

✅ Create or modify your internal content workflow to scale production without you.

✅ The first article and revisions to solidify your preferences for ongoing content.

Monthly ongoing deliverables

✅ A SERP analysis for each piece of content to see what’s ranking, and how to beat it.

Semantic keyword research and inclusion for related sub-topics.

Internal linking to prior site content to help create silos of related content.

✅ Three headline alternatives for each piece of content (to test or pick your favorite).

✅ Cited images and original screenshots to illustrate examples in each piece of content.

Third-party stats or data points from 2017 or more recent.

Expert quotes or interview-based content will be included where applicable.

✅ We’ll upload each piece of content into your Content Management System (CMS) based on your preferences.

On-site optimization, including metadata, alt image attributes, and more so that each piece of content is publish-ready.

✅ Monthly one hour status and training meeting with your whole team and partners.

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