Content Production Services

1 Workflow

We have a proven process that produces over 250+ content pieces each month for clients all over the world.

It starts with strategy and research to set the direction. Then, it moves into content production for brief, outline, draft, and editing reviews. And then we finalize each piece with formatting, upload and optimization.

This approach is customized for each aspect of your own process, team, and resources. That includes everything from internal content reviews to accommodating industry-specific challenges like compliance, and much more.



Topic Ideation

We’ll flesh out your initial list of ideas to present topics and angles to approve or reject.

Keyword Research

Go beyond keyword volume and into SERP competitiveness to understand where your low-hanging fruit can be found.

Content Formulation

Structure content using AI-based tools that predict search intent and what people want to read.



Writer Sourcing & Training

We'll match and test our full-time, W2 and part-time contract writers, or source brand-new candidates to build out a writing team.

Outline & Draft Reviews

Provide feedback at both the outline and draft review stages, so that content isn't approved until it's exactly what you want.

Style & Editing Guides

Document all of the things you like and don't like into a structured style guide that your team can reference long after we're gone.



Grammar & Plagiarism Check

Our editors and account managers will copy edit each article, catching grammar issues and double checking for plagiarism with both automated and manual checks.

CMS Upload

We'll take care of the time-consuming upload and formatting process inside your Content Management System, freeing your team up to be more strategic.

On-Page Optimization

Compress images, open external links in new tabs, and check off every other last detail that will make your IT department smile.

2 Deliverables

We don’t just do words. The actual writing is just one small part.

The following deliverables are included in every piece of content we produce so you can largely outsource the entire creation & optimization process.

Click on the arrows below to see examples of each.

How We Structure Plans & Pricing

We keep our plans & pricing simple and transparent.

1. The Workflow portion for overseeing the entire content production process is always included across all plans.

2. The Deliverable portion is how we ultimately determine pricing. This is based on the overall scope of each piece and the number of deliverables we’re producing each month.

Here’s how we collaborate with you to figure this out.

What kind of content do you need?

We categorize content deliverables, based on the overall scope (like a ~500-word landing page vs. a 10,000-word pillar page). Landing pages (generally) tend to be more basic in nature. The per-piece price will be less, and there’s usually less work involved. Whereas long-form pieces tend to take longer, require more resources, and are therefore more expensive.

What’s the general price range for that content type?

Each content deliverable has a budget range based on the overall scope of each piece. For instance, the price range for a 2,000-word, long-form article might range from $1,000/each on the low end to $2,000/each on the high end. Depending on what you’re after or the examples you provide us, we can tell you if you’re on the low, middle, or high end of that spectrum.

Can you reduce the per-piece scope to bring down the cost?

Yes, with some exceptions. We have "Base" features that are included in each piece, like strategy, MarketMuse SERP analysis, outline and draft reviews, and more. We never remove these, because otherwise it would devalue the work we're able to deliver. However, we also have some "Premium" features like custom illustrations, CMS uploads, and on-site optimization that some clients like to remove to bring per-piece pricing down. You can try out our Instant Quote feature now to get a sense for how this works. We can also discuss in more detail on a discovery call, too.

Do you have to stick with the same content type throughout the entire engagement?

No, not necessarily. We try to specify content types at the beginning of our engagement so we can plan ahead. However, we realize that life happens sometimes. So if we need to switch from long-form pieces to website content, we're happy to help as long as we have some heads up and haven't already started on that month's work already. That's why we keep our engagements flexible enough, working from a monthly budget of total work, so that content priority can naturally evolve over time.

What’s the monthly volume or budget?

We set a max-budget range based either on the total number of pieces you want to produce each month, or based on a top-line budget number to stick to. For example, five 2,000-word long-form articles of $1,500 each would equal roughly $7,500/month. BUT, we don’t just charge on word count alone. We also provide a ‘buffer’ of ~250-500 words. So if an article goes up to ~2,500 words, you’re OK. We try to avoid charging for overages. We can also be flexible. At the beginning of each month or quarter, we will tell you the proposed scope of different pieces to help you determine how to best use your budget.

What payment terms work best for you?

Our client minimums start at $5,000/month. We can send the typical monthly invoice, sent on the first day for that month's work. Payment is expected within a week. Otherwise, you can also sign up to be electronically billed at the beginning of each month for a slight discount, or even pay quarterly for a larger discount that's applied across the top of the total engagement. Try out our Instant Quote feature to get a sense for the monthly auto and prepayment discounts we're currently offering.

Please note that we do NOT do Net 30 or longer. Cash flow is the lifeblood of a small company like ours, with people who have families and kids to support. We're not a bank that extends credit to fund your own working capital. We are nice and reasonable about most things. Payment terms are not one of them. 😉

What’s your potential start date?

We typically onboard new clients at the beginning of each month, when we have the available capacity. We produce a few hundred pieces each month, so we often have to plan weeks/months in advance (so specific writers can produce a certain amount of content for each client within a given time frame). Your start date compared with our own capacity at the moment can help dictate who’s available, when, and how we can potentially ramp up faster.

Do you have to sign a long-term contract?

Nope! Our minimum terms are six months because we want to plan ahead for strategy and capacity, but we always include a simple 30-day written cancellation clause. So you're never locked into an agreement if you don’t want to be. We want to work with clients for the long term because they like us and value our work -- not because you're stuck in a contract you can't get out of.