101 Blogging Statistics for 2019

Look, we get it. It sucks searching for blogging statistics and data when you’re writing your next hit content marketing piece. And you need some statistics to back up those otherwise erronious claims. Everything from headline tips to repurposing blog content and copywriting techniques has a data-point that you can use to add value to […]

How to Build a Content Strategy Framework That Doesn’t Flop

Unless you’re living under a rock or haven’t upgraded from dial-up internet, you know that content is only getting better. Posts are becoming more information dense. Images are becoming more applicable. Walkthroughs more intuitive. Keywords more natural. No longer are the days of launching your content out into the ether and watching the sheep flock […]

B2B Content Marketing Best Practices: Why Most Are BS and What to Do Instead

Most B2B content marketing best practices are bullshit. They tell you to “develop long-form content” and “create content for the buyer’s journey.” Don’t get it twisted: both of those are significant steps in the right direction, but they aren’t best practices anymore. Those are standard, bush league, rinse and repeat steps that should serve as […]