Content Production Service Features

1 Workflow

We have a proven process that produces over 250+ content pieces each month for clients all over the world.

It starts with strategy and research to set the direction. Then, it moves into content production for brief, outline, draft, and editing reviews. And then we finalize each piece with formatting, upload and optimization.

This approach is customized for each aspect of your own process, team, and resources. That includes everything from internal content reviews to accommodating industry-specific challenges like compliance, and much more.



Topic Ideation
We’ll flesh out your initial list of ideas to present topics and angles to approve or reject.
Keyword Research
Go beyond keyword volume and into SERP competitiveness to understand where your low-hanging fruit can be found.
Content Formulation
Structure content using AI-based tools that predict search intent and what people want to read.


Writer Sourcing & Training
We'll match and test our full-time, W2 and part-time contract writers, or source brand-new candidates to build out a writing team.
Outline & Draft Reviews
Provide feedback at both the outline and draft review stages, so that content isn't approved until it's exactly what you want.
Style & Editing Guides
Document all of the things you like and don't like into a structured style guide that your team can reference long after we're gone.


Grammar & Plagiarism Check
Our editors and account managers will copy edit each article, catching grammar issues and double checking for plagiarism with both automated and manual checks.
CMS Upload
We'll take care of the time-consuming upload and formatting process inside your Content Management System, freeing your team up to be more strategic.
On-Page Optimization
Compress images, open external links in new tabs, and check off every other last detail that will make your IT department smile.

2 Deliverables

We don’t just do words. The actual writing is just one small part.

The following deliverables are included in every piece of content we produce so you can largely outsource the entire creation & optimization process.

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