Frequently Asked Questions

Plans & Pricing

We keep our plans & pricing as simple and transparent as possible.

1. The Workflow portion for overseeing the entire content production process is always included across all plans.

2. The Deliverable portion is how we ultimately determine pricing. This is based on the overall scope of each piece and the number of deliverables we’re producing each month.

Here’s how we collaborate with you to figure this out.

1. What kind of content do you need?

We categorize content deliverables into groups or types, based on the overall scope (like a ~500-word landing page vs. a 10,000-word pillar page).

Landing pages (generally) tend to be more basic in nature. The price per piece will be less, and there’s usually less work involved. Whereas long-form pieces tend to take longer, require more resources, and are therefore more expensive.

2. What’s the general price range for that content type?

Each content deliverable has a budget range based on the overall scope of each piece.

For instance, the price range for a 2,000-word, long-form article might range from $1,000/each on the low end to $2,000/each on the high end.

Depending on what you’re after or the examples you provide us, we can tell you if you’re on the low, middle, or high end of that spectrum.

This is an example of content type pricing.

3. What’s the monthly volume or budget?

Then, we set a max-budget range based on either the total number of pieces you want to produce each month, or based on a top-line budget number to stick to.

For example, five, 2,000-word long-form articles of $1,500 each would equal roughly $7,500/month.

BUT, we don’t just charge on word count alone. We also provide a ‘buffer’ of ~250-500 words. So if an article goes up to ~2,500 words, you’re OK. We try to avoid charging for overages.

We can also be flexible. So at the beginning of each month or quarter, we will tell you the proposed scope of different pieces, essentially determining how to best use your budget.

This is an example of price ranges based on volume.

4. What payment terms work best for you?

Next up, we look at terms. Our client minimums start at $5,000/month with a six-month term. There’s always a 30-day written cancellation clause, though, so you won’t be locked into an agreement you don’t want.

And if you prepay quarterly, you can take advantage of a discount across the top that will bring down the effective price per piece.

These are our current prepayment discounts.

5. What’s your potential start date?

Last but not least, when are you looking to start?

We produce a few hundred pieces each month, so we often have to plan capacity out in advance (so specific writers can produce a certain amount of content for each client within a given time frame).

Your start date compared with our own capacity at the moment can help dictate who’s available, when, and how we can potentially ramp up faster.