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How to Reach More People on Facebook Immediately

Brad Smith
September 28, 2011

Facebook’s EdgeRank is designed to figure out how many people will actually want to see your update.

If you can increase this reach, it will increase the reach of your brand.

Each time a person interacts with your Facebook page, you have a greater chance of reaching their friends (or social graph). So you want to drive engagement and comments.

You can use insights to optimize your social media use.

It will have a profound impact on your SEO performance.

Here are some ways to drive engagement and comments.

Defeat Edgerank to reach more people on Facebook.
Image courtesy of niXerKG

Use a Personal Voice

People want to connect with other people. Not nameless, faceless companies.

The problem is that corporate-speak leads to a bland and generic voice. If you don’t stand out, then no one will notice you.

And the first step is to get their attention.

So write like you speak and use words that your audience uses.

Use Photos and Faces

Photos and faces have been shown to increase your engagement and Click Through Rate (CTR).

So you need to make sure each update with a link contains an attention grabbing image.

This is one of the problems with automating your social media presence. Many auto-posting services won’t pull all of the information from your blog post.

Ask for an Action

The best way to get someone to take action is to ask!

Simple, right?

This is just like a Call To Action (CTA). You have to ask people to do something you want.

If people don’t know they’re supposed to comment on your update, then they won’t.

Ask them what they prefer, what would they do, or what their opinion is.

Emotional Response and Debate

People feel compelled to share their views of emotional topics or debates.

So try to choose topics that people are deeply interested in.

Obviously, things like politics and religion come to mind. But I would strongly urge you to avoid these.

Instead, find something along the edges of current news and pop culture. Most people will probably with know these, and have an opinion one way or another.

You should keep the comments going by responding and provoking more thought from each person’s response.

Post During Peak Hours

Social media has peak hours of usage. So depending on your own audience demographics, you’ll notice that certain times of the day work best to maximize engagement and Click-Through-Rate (CTR). You can find this information by using Facebook Insights.

  • Early morning (7AM EST)
  • After work (5PM EST)
  • Late at night (11PM EST)

Sponsored Updates

Finally if you can’t do the the other methods here, there’s always advertising.

Advertising can be a great investment. There’s no better way to quickly drive targeted awareness.

But not in all cases. Your primary focus should be building marketing assets, like your email marketing lists, not renting shelf-life.

I also generally wouldn’t advocate advertising to build social media presences. These aren’t assets, like your email list is. You don’t own them.

However it can pay off for specific circumstances. This might include a new product launch, a new location opening, or a specific promotion you’re currently running.

You should always have some action tied to your advertising.

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9 thoughts on “How to Reach More People on Facebook Immediately

  1. Great post! I love all of these tips, they’re extremely helpful for those implementing a social media strategy. Convincing users of a personal voice can be one of the most difficult goals, since there are so many spammy messages on social media properties nowadays, and it’s even more difficult to convey emotion in order to further engage users. We’ve been experimenting with the Voice for Facebook app so consumers can hear a status or message so it overrides all the textual clutter. It definitely catches attention, which makes it easier to get your content to stay in the mind of the user. These kind of tactics get the users to pay attention and visit your page, and once you have those loyal users you can implement some of the other strategies you suggest in a more effective way. Thanks for posting, cheers!

  2. Thanks a lot.. it really gave me a lot more insight to the concept of facebook marketing! I’ve had a facebook following of around 1950… and for some reasons i just couldn’t give attention to my facebook page anymore. its just recently that i felt the need of continuing with my page… but the now i’ve got many dislikes in about a months time.. i jus dino what to do… will try and go through these tactics.. give me your view too…

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