Can We Please Stop the Bullshit Marketing Content? We’re Better than This.

Some days, it wears on you. It’s been slowly building for awhile. Douchey LinkedIn vlogs. The same-old, obvious links on Twitter. Decades-old, appropriated tactics, but New and Improved 2.0 with some catchy North Star Name. 🤮 Can. We. Just. Please. Stop? We’re better than that. Or, at least, we should try to be. Here’s why. […]

Your Data-Driven Marketing is Bullshit. Here’s Why.

Traditional marketers don’t rely enough on data. Newbies fall in the same boat. But the more advanced, technical ones? They rely on it too much. Here’s why. Why your data-driven marketing is lying to your face Growth hacking growth hacks sounds smart. Sounds sophisticated. Sounds edgy. Sounds like a fundable idea in an Emerald City […]

Your Design is Killing Your Content. Here’s Why.

In a perfect internet, there’d be no marketing. Customers would just know, as if by divine gift, when and where to find us when the time was right. No banners needed. No lead magnets or SEO. It’d be a beautiful world with user experiences (UX) so natural they’re almost thoughtless. Obviously, this isn’t the internet […]

How to Take Your Content Growth Strategy from Zero to 100

Blogging is hard enough. But creating a content growth strategy that works these days is just that – work. Painstaking, hair-pulling, nap-inducing work. The kind of work that makes you want to start drinking at 3 PM on a Tuesday. But don’t crack open that bottle just yet. There are a few shortcuts out there […]

Want Customers to Open Your SaaS Emails? Send Better ones.

I have 2,689 unread emails in one of my inboxes. I check this inbox every day. Sometimes, I even open an email. But 99% of everything in it has the same appeal as getting a microdermabrasion facial with a ten-hour sunburn. Painfully tedious, borderline scarring, and prone to inducing existential nihilism. The worst offenders are […]

The Best B2B Content Marketing Isn’t Boring, but Yours Is

Can we talk about how boring B2B content marketing is? Because it’s really, really boring. And usually pretty bad on top of that. I get that many industries are highly technical, and are likely only selling to other companies with competent professionals, but you should at least make an effort to help your reader stay […]

SaaS Marketing Metrics You Can Ignore If You Want to Fail Miserably

If you’re like me, when you see an article that says that you “must know” something, your immediate response is, “Why do I need to know it?” I mean, I’m pretty sure something like SaaS metrics isn’t going to show up during Tuesday night’s trivia contest. I would be very surprised (but also very happy). […]

How to Build a Content Strategy Framework That Doesn’t Flop

Unless you’re living under a rock or haven’t upgraded from dial-up internet, you know that content is only getting better. Posts are becoming more information dense. Images are becoming more applicable. Walkthroughs more intuitive. Keywords more natural. No longer are the days of launching your content out into the ether and watching the sheep flock […]

B2B Content Marketing Best Practices: Why Most Are BS and What to Do Instead

Most B2B content marketing best practices are bullshit. They tell you to “develop long-form content” and “create content for the buyer’s journey.” Don’t get it twisted: both of those are significant steps in the right direction, but they aren’t best practices anymore. Those are standard, bush league, rinse and repeat steps that should serve as […]

SaaS Marketing Is Different. Here’s How to Do It Well.

Creating an effective SaaS marketing strategy isn’t easy. While more traditional companies can follow more traditional methods for achieving steady business growth, SaaS brands follow a very different business model — and they need very different marketing strategies to match. Fortunately, plenty of successful SaaS companies have already developed methods for reaching and converting customers. […]