The Content Farm Olympics: We Bought & Tested 5 Content Writing Services. Here are the Results.

Content marketing generates traffic, leads, and sales. Anyone, anywhere can take advantage of it. But there’s a problem: ‘Good’ content isn’t good enough anymore. Not when there are millions of blog posts published daily. Not when only the top three positions on any given SERP see all the results. Not when the bar to create […]

You’re Measuring the Wrong Blog KPIs. Here’s What to Track Instead.

It’s not that most blog KPI’s are purposefully bad. They’re just misguided. They’re well intentioned. But ultimately askew. And it leads to poor perceived performance (plus even worse investment). Here’s why most blog KPIs are wrong, and how you can right the ship before it’s too late. Contents ❶  Why (most) traditional blog KPIs suck […]