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Goodbye Open Site Explorer: 6 New Ways to Steal Content Ideas with Moz’s Link Explorer

2 million blog posts are created and published every day. And the top-tier, long-form content generates 9x more leads than shorter content. For content marketers looking to publish the next big “Definitive Guide To X,” that’s bad news. You can’t afford to slave away for weeks on a post just to get outranked by the […]

How to Take Your Content Growth Strategy from Zero to 100

Blogging is hard enough. But creating a content growth strategy that works these days is just that – work. Painstaking, hair-pulling, nap-inducing work. The kind of work that makes you want to start drinking at 3 PM on a Tuesday. But don’t crack open that bottle just yet. There are a few shortcuts out there […]

7 Killer Ways to Repurpose Blog Content [Cheat Sheet]

Content gets traffic. And content converts customers. Only problem? It’s a nightmare to create.Coming up with new material on a daily basis can feel impossible.  And it often takes a half to a full workday for just a single blog post. But there’s hope. You can bring in more traffic, and convert more leads by […]

5 Promoted Content Lessons from Spending $4,008.13 in 4 Weeks

We don’t just talk about marketing. We do it. In the past few weeks, we spent $4,008.13 on content promotion, testing how our new custom image and video services significantly improve content performance. The goal was to put our money where our mouth is and prove that better content not only drives more traffic and […]

7 Agency Mistakes I Made Passing $70k MRR in One Year

I didn’t want to write this post. Feel stupid for publishing it. Would rather let the work speak for itself. But these posts do have their place. Mostly to show you’re not shit. Even though your DIY website makes it seem like you are. (Guilty.) So I’d thought we’d take a different route. Instead of rambling […]

Revamp Content Marketing Case Study

Here’s how we increased average session duration by 281.05% & reduced post promotion CPC by 70%. Content is subjective. People like one style or another. They hate one writer or another. They love long, eloquent, flowing prose, or prefer short, snappy, staccato bursts. The problem is that content marketing efforts are also becoming a zero-sum […]

9 B2B Research Tips to Read Your Customer’s Minds

In 1995, Sheena Iyengar, a professor of business from Columbia University, conducted a study about jam. She set up a sample booth of Wilkin & Sons jams in a California gourmet market and switched from offering a selection of 24 jams to a group of 6 jams every few hours. Each customer tasted (on average) […]

SaaS Marketing Is Different. Here’s How to Do It Well.

Creating an effective SaaS marketing strategy isn’t easy. While more traditional companies can follow more traditional methods for achieving steady business growth, SaaS brands follow a very different business model — and they need very different marketing strategies to match. Fortunately, plenty of successful SaaS companies have already developed methods for reaching and converting customers. […]

Why ‘Good’ SaaS Content Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

SERPs are getting more competitive. Not less. Three trends are transforming them into winner-take-all markets, where only the best of the best gets seen, clicked, or shared. Here’s why that’s happening. And why ‘good’ SaaS content is no longer good enough.