This Blog Post Has No Keywords. Here’s Why.

This blog post has no keywords. One reason is ’cause I’m lazy. (Seriously. F-keyword research.) But the other is because keywords don’t always matter. At least, not at first. Not until you’ve earned the right to chase the big ones. Otherwise, the opportunity cost is too great. Here’s how you should flip the script, focusing […]

3 étapes pour garantir l’efficacité de votre marketing B2B

La plupart des publications commencent par énoncer des tactiques. Aujourd’hui, nous terminerons par celles-ci. La raison est simple : on ne peut pas séparer la tactique de la stratégie. On ne peut pas séparer la stratégie du modèle commercial. Toutes les tactiques fonctionnent dans une certaine mesure. Mais la raison du succès durable de telle idée de […]

Fail-Proof Your B2B Marketing Ideas in 3 Simple Steps

Most posts start with tactics. This one will end with them. The reason is because you can’t divorce tactics from the strategy. You can’t divorce the strategy from the business model. All tactics work to one degree or another. But the reason some B2B marketing ideas thrive while others dive comes down to your underlying […]

No B.S. SEO Tutorial: 10 Shortcuts to Understand What the Hell Is Going On

It never fails. You can even set your watch to it. Every 12 months, some two-bit, hack journalist pens the brilliant headline: “SEO IS DEAD!” What follows, is usually some nonsensical drivel-inspired post written by someone who: Has never actually worked in search before (which means, no one has actually paid them money in exchange […]

7 Killer Ways to Repurpose Blog Content [Cheat Sheet]

Content gets traffic. And content converts customers. Only problem? It’s a nightmare to create.Coming up with new material on a daily basis can feel impossible.  And it often takes a half to a full workday for just a single blog post. But there’s hope. You can bring in more traffic, and convert more leads by […]

9 B2B Research Tips to Read Your Customer’s Minds

In 1995, Sheena Iyengar, a professor of business from Columbia University, conducted a study about jam. She set up a sample booth of Wilkin & Sons jams in a California gourmet market and switched from offering a selection of 24 jams to a group of 6 jams every few hours. Each customer tasted (on average) […]

20 Reasons Why You Should Steal B2B Copywriting Ideas

Palm Springs is a desert resort town located 111 miles east of Los Angeles. It grew to fame as Hollywood’s elite flocked in the mid 1900s, and has been a popular tourist destination ever since — pulling in a million and half visitors each year. And I’ve been vacationing there for as long as I […]

30 BuzzFeed Headline Tips You Need to See to Believe

BuzzFeed is a joke. Ridiculed far and wide. But the savviest copywriters know that’s far from the truth. They know BuzzFeed writers are alchemists. Able to make something out of nothing. They possess an exceptional ability to use mystery, shock, intrigue and humor to get you to click… even when you know exactly what’s in […]