Original Content Marketing Case Study: How We Increased Average Session Duration by 281.05% & Reduced Post Promotion CPC by 70%

Content is subjective. People like one style or another. They hate one writer or another. They love long, eloquent, flowing prose, or prefer short, snappy, staccato bursts. Content is also becoming a zero-sum game. The rich literally get richer while the poor continue to languish in obscurity. That means ‘more’ won’t work unless it’s ‘better,’ […]

I <3 U. But I Don't Want 2 Chat w/ U.

Jason Mercer from Drift sent me an email. Overall, it’s decent. It’s the wrong email address and not our company name. However, it’s not terrible. It includes personalization, a concise value prop, and an easy way to book a call. It probably gets a decent prospecting rate. This is not a tear down. The email […]

You’re Measuring the Wrong Blog KPIs. Here’s What to Track Instead.

It’s not that most blog KPI’s are purposefully bad. They’re just misguided. They’re well intentioned. But ultimately askew. And it leads to poor perceived performance (plus even worse investment). Here’s why most blog KPIs are wrong, and how you can right the ship before it’s too late. Contents ❶  Why (most) traditional blog KPIs suck […]