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That’s where we come in.

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Team Members

We live and work remotely. Fake WeWork addresses be damned.

Danielle Antosz

Chicago, Illinois

Joanne Camarce

Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Jen Cardenas

Oceanside, California

Daniel Midson-Short

Irvine, California

Damian Davila

Honolulu, Hawaii

Amanda Donovan

Saint Louis, Missouri

Jessica Everitt

Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

Anna Crowe

Palm Harbor, Florida

Kevin J. Kessler

Orlando, Florida

Erin Gobler

Madison, Wisconsin

Ed King

Juneau, Alaska

David Klose

Mesa, Arizona

Claire Routh

Tempe, Arizona

Emmy Jenkins (Sundin)

Croydon, United Kingdom

James Scherer

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Liz Masoner

Columbiana, Alabama

Ragnar Miljeteig

Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

TJ Porter

Boston, Massachusetts

Nicole Pozzobon

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Brad Smith

Denver, Colorado

Julie Ann Fragata

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Shadrack Wanjohl

Ruiru, Kenya